liver cancer survival rate

Improve liver cancer survival rate, surgical procedures are the management of liver cancer liked by ultimate elimination of tumor tissue accomplish the intent behind healing. Modern liver surgery technology advances, the tumor dimensions are not limited to the important thing factors belonging to the surgery. Can the efficacy of resection and resection in combination with tumor size and wide variety of involving liver function, liver cirrhosis, tumor location, tumor boundaries, without or with an extensive capsule and venous thrombosis plus a very close relationship. Surgical resection of patients with general requirements with the general good, that is certainly, there is no organic disease of the heart, lungs, kidneys and other vital organs, liver function is common or near normal, and also the specific needs associated with an objective assessment indicators of hepatic functional reserve, for example jaundice level, albumin level and indocyanine green retention rate targets, with out extrahepatic tumor metastases, the constraints of your tumor, rather than multiple or diffuse distribution. Year after surgical resection of early HCC survival rate of more than 80 percent, five-year survival rate of 50% or maybe more. Comprehensive treatment during the adjuvant could possibly get better results.

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